Our Ten Most Popular Photography Tutorials in 2018

Our Ten Most Popular Photography Tutorials in 2018

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As 2018 draws to a close I’ve put together a list of our ten most popular photography (non-Lightroom) tutorials this year. It’s a useful exercise for me as I can see which topics have been most popular with readers. And it’s interesting for you as it gives you chance to catch up on any good articles you’ve missed! Here’s the list.

1. Phase Detection vs Contrast Detection Autofocus

2. How to Create Moody Photos

3. Taking Portraits with Fujifilm Cameras

4. What’s the Best Lens for Family Portraits?

5. Why I Changed From Canon to Fujifilm

6. How to Focus at Wide Apertures

7. How to Take Low Light Landscape Photos

8. How to Create Mood in Color Photos

9. How to Use Soft Light in Photography

10. How to Improve Your Photography by Using Only Two Camera Lenses

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