100 Composition Assignments ebook

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My brand new ebook 100 Composition Assignments is a composition workshop in your pocket. Even better than that, it’s filled with over a year’s worth of creative composition related ideas, briefs, assignments and projects.

It’s like a composition course, but one where you learn by doing. Your composition skills will improve as you do the assignments and see the results for yourself.

The book is structured into twenty broad themes, with five assignments for each theme. Each brief is designed to get you looking at familiar composition principles in new ways. Most of the assignments can be done close to home, so there’s no need to travel to exotic places. There’s enough ideas here to keep you busy for a long time to come!

100 Composition Assignments is written for you:

  • The assignments encourage you to explore the world and think deeply about the composition of your photos.
  • With 100 assignment ideas there are plenty that will appeal to you.
  • These assignments are for all photographers – it doesn’t matter whether you own the latest dSLR or mirrorless camera, or use a camera phone.
  • It’s easy to read. The book comes in two formats – PDF and ePub so you can select the one that’s best for your device.

100 Composition Assignments ebook

What you will learn

The aim of 100 Composition Assignments is to help you improve the composition of your photos.

As you work your way through the assignments you’ll start to understand the principles of composition more deeply. You’ll realize that ideas like the rule of thirds only touch on the topic of composition, and that you can develop your composition skills by exploring the ideas and assignments in this book.

You’ll discover how to look back at photos you’ve made in the past with a better understanding of why the composition does (or doesn’t) work.

You’ll also never feel stuck again. With 100 assignments to choose from you’ll never run out of ideas.

The story behind the book

Ten years ago I started writing books about photographic composition. The process forced me to examine the composition of my photos so that I could pass what I learned on to you, my readers. My composition ebooks are some of my most popular, but there’s one thing missing – a book packed full of assignments that challenge everything you think you know about photographic composition. This is that book.

Assignments and briefs are powerful learning tools. With this book I’ve written a guide to composition that I wish I could go back in time and give to myself twenty years ago. I would have been a more purposeful photographer and built a much better portfolio of work.

Now you can benefit from the lessons I’ve learned. You’ll get a greater benefit from working through the assignments in this book than you will from buying a new camera (it’s much cheaper too).

100 Composition Assignments ebook

Composition Assignments: Creative Collage (bonus ebook)

Your purchase includes Composition Assignments: Creative Collage, a PDF that shows you how I took one of the assignments and used it to spark my creativity and use old photos in new ways. It’s full of examples giving you a unique insight into my creative process.

100 Composition Assignments bonus ebook

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The Guarantee

I’m so confident that my ebooks will help improve your photography that I give you an unconditional guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your purchase just let me know within two months and I’ll refund the purchase price in full, no questions asked.

The Assignments bundle

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Assignments ebook bundle

Sample pages

Here are some sample pages from the book.

100 Composition Assignments ebook

100 Composition Assignments ebook

100 Composition Assignments ebook

100 Composition Assignments ebook

100 Composition Assignments ebook



100 Creative Photography Assignments ebook

Title: 100 Creative Photography Assignments

Length: 126 double page spreads (plus 18 page bonus ebook)

Words: approx 18,000 (plus bonus ebook)

Format: PDF and Epub. You can view the PDF of 100 Composition Assignments using the free Adobe reader software on any PC or tablet. You can also read it on the iPad using iBooks – it has been optimized for iPad viewing. You can read the epub version on tablets and smart phones.


How to use this book

Off center
Getting edgy
In the middle
Frame it up
Get cropping

A sense of place
The spirit of travel
Neighborhood texture and color
Exotic detail close-up
The human element
People and place

Blocks of shape and color
Get abstract with color
Body parts
Avoid crowds
Architectural details

Light and shadow
A splash of light
To silhouette or not to silhouette
Moody interior
Architectural light
Shape and shadow

Single color
Splash of color
Dominant color bold
Dominant color pastel
Shades of green
Monochromatic color

Color contrast
Primary colors
Red and greed
Orange and blue
Rusty orange
Splash of red

Rainy day depth
Moody dereliction
Stormy skies
Lonely landscape
Mist and fog

Black and white
In the mood
Timeless black and white
Old boots
The more colorful the better

Square within a square
Full circle
An abstract approach
Getting stoned
A square of squares

Big skies
Small skies
Zippy diagonals
Through lines and S curves
Invisible lines

Look up
Look down
An abstract close-up
Wide-angle convergence
Compressed and layered

Little and large
A balanced pair
Similar but different
Broken symmetry
Sharp object, blurred background

A sense of depth
Leading lines
Divide the frame
Out of focus
Layer up
Pointy triangles

Sharp vs blurred
man-made vs natural
Old vs new
Big vs small
Beauty and decay

The banal
Road signs
Ordinary details
Random stuff
Close to home
Rush hour

Shoot through stuff
Frame it up
Shoot through grass
Rainy windows
Behind glass
Behind bars

Straight at the camera
No eyes
In the environment
Two together
In costume

Composition concepts
Color division
Room to move
Close together
Vertical lines
Repeating shapes

Random assignments
No horizons
Logos and signs
Center dominant eye
Look away

Advanced composition techniques
In the frame
Body language
Creative collage
Sixes and threes