Free composition photo tips cards

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As a way of saying thanks we'd like to remind you about our free Composition PhotoTips Cards.ย These spiffy cards are full of hints and tips to help you improve your composition. Yes, we know some of you have them already, but you've probably forgotten all about them...

Download the Composition PhotoTips Cards now

They come in a compressed .zip file that you can save to your computer, so please be aware of this if you are trying to download them to a mobile device.

Each card comes in two sizes. The large size is for viewing on a computer or tablet, and the small size is for smartphones. You can transfer them from your computer to a mobile device using DropBox (or AirDrop if you have a Mac and an iPhone or iPad).

Mastering Composition ebooks

As a special thanks for downloading the Composition PhotoTips Cards we'd like to offer you a discount of $5 on our books Mastering Composition and Mastering Composition Book Two. Just enter the code composition5 at checkout to receive your discount and reduce the price to $9 each. ๐Ÿ™‚

Composition tutorials

We also have more than 20 composition tutorials that you can read โ€“ just click the link to go and see what you can learn today.


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