Up Close

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Shooting close-up and macro is a challenge at the best of times. Up Close takes you on a journey exploring the techniques and equipment you need to master to get excellent results.

As you read through the book you’ll learn about the different ways in which you can get up close to interesting subjects like flowers and insects. You’ll learn about macro lenses, extension tubes, close-up lenses and reverse lens macro, and the advantages (and disadvantages) of each method.

Up Close is written for you:

  • It shows you how to get up close to any subject.
  • The buying guides help you buy the right close-up photography gear right away, potentially saving hundreds of dollars that you might spend on the wrong items.
  • It’s easy to read. The book comes in three formats – PDF, ePub and Mobi for Kindle so you can choose the one that is best for your device.
  • It has depth and will become an invaluable reference guide you’ll return to again and again as your understanding of close-up and macro photography deepens.

What you get

  • A 109 page beautifully designed PDF ebook to read on your computer or tablet.
  • ePub and Mobi versions to read on tablets, ebook readers and smartphones.
  • A 35 page bonus creative ideas book (PDF format).
  • The books have over 140 beautiful full-size close-up photos to inspire you.
  • 6 Close-Up PhotoTips cards that sum up the lessons.

Up Close ebook inside pages

What you will learn

The aim of Up Close is to help you make stronger close-up and macro photos right away. 

These are just some of the things you’ll learn in this ebook:

  • How to make beautiful close-up photos, even if you’re on a budget.
  • The difference between macro photography and close-up photography.
  • How crop factor can help you get up close to your subject.
  • How to test the lenses you already own to see which ones are best for close-up photography.
  • How to use extension tubes (and which ones to buy).
  • How to use close-up lenses (and which ones to buy).
  • Why macro lenses are so good for close-up photography (and more affordable than you might think).
  • How to buy a macro lens and which features to look for.
  • How to decide what equipment is best for you (and avoid wasting money).
  • How to use teleconverters and bellows in macro photography.
  • How to do reverse lens macro with one lens or two.
  • How to make close-up photos of flowers.
  • How to make close-up photos of insects and spiders.
  • How to make close-up photos of food.
  • How to make interesting close-up photos with household items.
  • How to find interesting details and subjects to photograph.
  • How to use vintage lenses and Lensbaby optics for close-up photography.
  • How to focus properly in close-up photography.
  • How getting up close affects depth of field, and how to cope with the problems it creates.
  • What focus bracketing and focus stacking are and how to do them.
  • How to buy and use geared tripod heads and focusing rails.
  • How to use and buy macro flash units.

The story behind the book

Ten years ago I wrote an ebook for Craft & Vision called Up Close. It became one of its best sellers, but a lot has changed since then in the macro photography world. Now there’s much more choice when it comes to buying macro lenses, close-up lenses and macro flash units. This new edition is updated with all the latest information so you can use the latest techniques and make smart buying decisions.

As you read this book you’ll learn how to get up close to any subject, and how to start seeing potential even in your own back yard. I’ve also written a bonus ebook with ten creative close-up ideas for you to try. You can use them to experiment with your close-up and macro photography gear, spark your imagination and master your craft. And like the first edition, I hope it encourages you to go out and explore the world of close-up and macro photography for yourself.

Up Close ebook inside pages

Up Close: 10 Creative Ideas For Macro & Close-Up Photos

Your purchase includes Up Close: 10 Creative Ideas for Macro & Close-Up Photos, a PDF with ten creative ideas for you to photograph up close. The idea is to encourage you to go out and put into practice the ideas and techniques you learn in Up Close. You can try one idea a week, or take as long as you want. The choice is yours.

Each idea is easy to carry out close to your home. I’ve illustrated each one with ones that I made myself. You don’t need any specific gear, and can try each idea using the close-up photography gear you’ve chosen to buy.

Up Close 10 Ideas book

You also get a set of 6 Close-Up PhotoTips cards that sum up the lessons.

Up Close Photo Tips Cards


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The bundles

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Up Close ebook bundle


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Sample pages

Here are some sample pages from the book.

Up Close ebook pages

Up Close ebook pages

Up Close ebook pages

Up Close ebook pages

Up Close ebook pages



Up Close: A Guide To Macro & Close-Up Photography (2nd edition) ebook

Title: Up Close

Length: 109 double page spreads (plus bonus ebook & Photo Tips cards)

Words: approx. 33,000 (including bonus ebook)

Format: PDF, Epub and Kindle Mobi 8. You can view the PDF of Up Close using the free Adobe reader software on any PC or tablet. You can also read it on the iPad using iBooks – it has been optimized for iPad viewing. You can read the epub or mobi versions on tablets and smart phones.



Part I. Equipment

1.1 Test your lenses
Creative exercise: Get up close
Understanding crop factor
A note on choosing equipment

1.2 Macro lenses
Macro lenses can be surprisingly affordable
More reasons to buy a macro lens
How to buy a macro lens

1.3 Extension tubes
How to buy extension tubes
Extension tubes and magnification
How to use extension tubes

1.4 Close-up lenses
Benefits of close-up lenses
Disadvantages of close-up lenses
How to buy close-up lenses

1.5 Reverse lens macro
Single lens reverse macro
Twin lens reverse macro
Buying reversing rings

1.6 Other close-up devices
Vivitar 2x macro focusing teleconverter
Other teleconverters

1.7 Using unusual lenses

Part II. Subject

2.1 Flowers and plants
Photographing flowers outdoors
Photographing flowers indoors
2.2 Butterflies, insects and spiders
2.3 Travel and documentary photography
2.4 Food photography
2.5 Classic cars
2.6 Photos at home
2.7 Portraits

Part III. Technique

3.1 Focusing
Focusing problems
Using manual focus
Geared tripod heads
Focusing rails

3.2 Creating sharp images

3.3 Depth of field
Focus stacking

3.4 Lighting
Light and macro photography
Macro flash