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About Andrew S. Gibson

It all started in Bolivia. I’d been thinking about a career change and wondered if I could make it as a writer, teaching people about photography. I sat down one morning in my hotel room and wrote my first article. I realized then that I could do it. A year or so later I started working as a writer (and later as Technical Editor) for EOS magazine.

Soon after that I read my first photography ebook and I was hooked. Shorter than most print books, ebooks are a fantastic way to learn about photography. You may have guessed it – that first ebook was written by David duChemin, and inspired me to write one myself.

I approached David to ask if he would be interested in publishing it. The answer was yes. Sadly those early titles are no longer available at Craft & Vision (​we’re gradually updating them and making them available in our store ). The success of those early ebooks inspired me to write more. Eventually I left EOS magazine and created The Creative Photographer as a place to share my articles and publish my own photography ebooks.

The photo above shows me enjoying a winter sunset in Island Bay, New Zealand, my home for several years. Now I live in the beautiful south-west of England with my growing family.

If you’d like to get in touch then please use the email address andrew [at]