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In the Square ebook, I delve deep into the mysteries of the square format. Before digital cameras, the only way you could use the square format (cropping excluded) was to buy a 6×6 medium format camera. Now, digital cameras have opened up the square format to everybody.

But using the square format isn’t simply a matter of cropping – there’s a lot more to it than that. The square format demands a new approach to composition. The rule of thirds no longer applies. Instead the composition relies on aspects like shape, simplicity and balance.

Square ebook

Square explores the square format from the digital photographer’s perspective. It shows you how to use the square format on your camera, and how to make the most out of what I think of as the fine art photographer’s format. It’s illustrated throughout by my photos, and I’ve also interviewed two photographers, Matt Toynbee and Flavia Schaller, to explore their perspective on the square format.

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“You have really opened my eyes as to the artistry and creativity that awaits those who study and understand composition. I can truly say that I did not understand the craft until now.” – Keith

“Thank you for another excellent piece of work. I wish I had had access to such quality advice fifty years ago when I first started out in photography: just think how good my images would be now!” – Gordon

“I have just downloaded your ebook Mastering Composition – Brilliant!” – George

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Sample pages

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Square ebook

Square ebook

Square ebook

Square ebook

Square ebook

Square ebook

Square ebook

Square ebook

Title: Square

Length: 56 double page spreads

Words: approx 10,000

Format: PDF. You can view The Candid Portrait using free Adobe reader software on any PC or tablet. You can also read The Candid Portrait on the iPad using iBooks – it has been optimized for iPad viewing.



The History of the Square Format
Going Square
The 35mm Problem
Cropping Square
Design and Balance
Simplicity, Space and Subtlety
Black & White

Case Study: Matt Toynbee

Holga Lenses

Case Study: Flavis Schaller