Portrait photography is both challenging and rewarding. Whether your interest is in street photography or more formal styles of portrait photography, these articles will help you gain the skills you need to create beautiful portraits.

Natural light portraits


Why you should use natural light for portraits
How to shoot natural light portraits successfully
Three Steps to Better Portrait Composition

Portrait photography techniques


How to focus at wide apertures
Getting comfortable photographing strangers
How Small Cameras Help You Take Better Portraits
How To Get Great Newborn Baby Photos At Home
How To Take Authentic Street Portraits
How To Photograph Siblings At Home
What's the best lens for family portraits?
How To Capture Character In Portrait Photography
Three Tips for Better Black and White Portraits
Improve your Portrait Photography With This Simple Exercise

Developing portraits in Lightroom


How to develop portraits in Lightroom with the Vintage Portrait Presets
My Lightroom workflow (a professional portrait photographer's perspective)
Portrait retouching in Lightroom with Sleeklens develop presets
Create better B&W portraits with UltraBlack develop presets
For Reasons For Retouching Portraits in Lightroom
How to retouch portraits in Lightroom
Are You Making These Seven Common Portrait Retouching Mistakes?

Recommended portrait photography ebooks & Lightroom presets


The Candid Portrait ebook
Vintage Portrait Presets
The Natural Portrait ebook