Best photography tutorials 2022

Ten Most Popular Photography Tutorials In 2022

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At the end of the year I like to make a list of the ten most popular tutorials here at the Creative Photographer. It lets me know what’s popular with Google and my readers, and it gives you chance to catch up on any good articles you’ve missed. Here’s the list (all links open in a new window or tab).

1. Six Things The Square Format Teaches You About Composition

2. Why I Changed From Canon To Fujifilm

3. How to Digitize Negatives and Slides With a Lightbox and Macro Lens

4. How To Make Amazing Close-Up Flower Photos

5. Four Ways To Make Moody Photos

6. How to Use Figure to Ground in Photography

7. Phase Detection vs Contrast Detection Autofocus

8. What’s The Best Lens For Family Portraits?

9. Color or Black and White?

10. Five Things Nobody Tells You About Photographic Composition

And while you’re here, why not check out our ten most popular Lightroom Classic tutorials as well?

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