Our Ten Most Popular Lightroom Tutorials in 2017

Our Ten Most Popular Lightroom Tutorials in 2017

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As we get to the end of 2017 I thought it would be interesting to share with you our ten most popular Lightroom tutorials for the year. Adobe’s launch of Lightroom Classic CC in October created a lot of confusion and worry, but one thing that remains unchanged is that photographers have lots of questions about Lightroom! Our most popular Lightroom article by far is our guide to using Smart Previews, which performs well in Google’s search engine results.

1. The Ultimate Guide to Using Smart Previews in Lightroom

2. How to Emulate Instagram Filters in Lightroom

3. The Single Most Important Setting in the Lightroom Develop Module

4. How to Organize Your Photos With Lightroom Collections

5. 14 Hidden Lightroom Shortcuts

6. How to Post Photos to Instagram From Lightroom Using Lightroom Mobile

7. How to Organize Photos for Lightroom

8. How to Make Lightroom Run Faster

9. What is the Lightroom Catalog?

10. Is Luminar the Ultimate Lightroom Plugin for Landscape Photographers?

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    1. Author

      Hi Bruce, what do you mean by lost photos? Are you talking about missing photos (photos that are in the Catalog but Lightroom doesn’t know where they are saved) or something else?

      If Lightroom can’t find a photo it means that either:

      1. The hard drive where the photo isn’t saved isn’t connected to the computer


      2. The photo has been moved or deleted after it was imported into Lightroom.

      If it’s the latter, you can tell Lightroom where to find the photo by clicking on the exclamation mark icon that appears on the thumbnail in Grid View to indicate that Lightroom doesn’t know where the photo is. Follow the instructions to navigate to the folder where the photo is saved (it helps if you know what folder it’s in beforehand).

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