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The Natural Portrait ebook is written for everybody who wants to learn how to create beautiful portraits in natural light.

There are lots of questions that photographers have when starting out in portrait photography. Where do you find models? What lenses do you use? What camera settings do you need to use? What about model release forms? How do you coax great poses from your models?

The Natural Portrait addresses these questions by breaking down the process of creating amazing portraits into easy steps. You will learn how to find a model, where to get inspiration for great portrait concepts, how to handle a shoot from start to finish, including posing, and how to develop your portraits in Lightroom Classic, ON1 Photo Raw or Alien Skin Exposure.

The aim of The Natural Portrait is to teach you to create beautiful portraits using little more than natural light and the camera and lenses that you own already. Discover how to capture character as well as beauty and make portraits that capture your model’s soul.

“Natural light portraiture is about your mindset as well as technique. It’s photography stripped down to its simplest elements: you, a camera, a lens, ambient light and a model. Nothing complicated, yet these elements can combine to create some of the most stunning, evocative and beautiful portraits you could possibly imagine.”

The Natural Portrait is written for you.

  • 20 easy to digest lessons that are easy to put into practice.
  • It explores the principles of portrait photography that you need to understand to create beautiful portraits of people using natural light.
  • It’s easy to read. The pages are laid out and beautifully illustrated, making it easier for you to learn.
  • It’s very practical and covers everything you need to know to be a successful portrait photographer.
  • It has depth and will become an invaluable reference guide you’ll return to again and again as your understanding of portrait photography deepens.

The Natural Portrait ebook inside pages

What you will learn

  • Why natural light is ideal for portraits.
  • How to find models (plus everything you need to know about model release forms).
  • Where to find ideas and inspiration for your portrait shoots.
  • How to capture great expressions by building rapport with your models.
  • How to make stunning black and white portraits.
  • Which lenses to use for portrait photography (and why you don’t need to spend a lot of money on lenses).
  • Which camera settings to use for portraits.
  • How to focus accurately when using wide apertures (understanding your camera’s autofocus system).
  • How to find great locations for your portrait shoots.
  • The different types of natural light you can use for portraits.
  • How to capture people’s character in your portraits.
  • How to use reflectors.
  • How to pose your models.
  • How to compose your portraits.
  • Why you don’t need Photoshop to create beautiful portraits.
  • How to develop your portraits in Lightroom Classic, ON1 Photo Raw and Alien Skin Exposure.
  • How to find your own unique style.

The Natural Portrait ebook inside pages

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Sample pages

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The Candid Portrait ebook

Title: The Natural Portrait: Making Beautiful Portraits In Natural Light

Length: 174 double page spreads

Words: approx 30,000

Format: PDF, Epub and Kindle Mobi 8. You can view the PDF of The Natural Portrait using free Adobe reader software on any PC or tablet. You can also read The Natural Portrait on the iPad using iBooks – it has been optimized for iPad viewing. You can also read the epub or mobi versions on tablets, smart phones or Kindle devices.



1. Why natural light?
2. How to find a model
3. Get inspired and learn from others
4. Cameras and lenses
5. Lens choice in action
6. Camera settings for portraits
7. Autofocus and portraiture
8. How to find great locations
9. Types of natural light
10. Using reflectors
11. Posing models
12. Composition and portrait photography
13. How to capture character
14. How to create great black and white portraits
15. You don’t need Photoshop
16. How to develop portraits in Lightroom Classic
17. Black and white portraits in Lightroom Classic
18. Lightroom Classic Presets
19. ON1 Photo Raw and Alien Skin Exposure
20. Finding your style