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The Mastering Photography bundle

Eleven beautiful ebooks for just $99! Save $45 on the individual prices and learn how to be a better photographer (click the links to learn more about each ebook).

Mastering Photography

Learn how to make beautiful photos. Mastering Photography is the simple guide you’ve been looking for that teaches you how to use your digital camera.

Mastering Exposure

Perfect exposure every time. Mastering Exposure gives you the knowledge you need to get the correct exposure every time you take a photo.

Mastering Lenses

Learn to take beautiful photos with any lens. The buying guide alone will save you much more money than you spend on the entire bundle.

Mastering Composition

Mastering Composition takes you on a journey beyond the rule of thirds, exploring the principles of composition you need to understand in order to create beautifully designed and emotive photos.

Mastering Composition Book Two

Mastering Composition Book Two

Mastering Composition Book Two is for photographers who want to move beyond the so called rules and learn the deeper principles of composition.

The Natural Portrait ebook

The Natural Portrait

Learn how to make beautiful portraits in natural light with our latest ebook The Natural Portrait.

The Candid Portrait

The Candid Portrait guides you through the world of street and travel photography, exploring the principles and concepts that will help you create stunning photos.

The Creative Photographer

The Creative Photographer explores seven ways that you can become a better photographer by focusing on the creative aspects of photography.


Square shows you how to use the square format on your camera, and how to make the most out of what I think of as the fine art photographer’s format.

The Black & White Landscape

Learn how to create beautiful black & white landscape photos. Gain a deeper understanding of the creative aspects of landscape photography such as composition and lighting.

10 Black & White Photography Assignments

10 Black & White Photography Assignments

10 Black & White Photography Assignments gives you ten assignments to teach you to see in black and white and make you a better photographer.

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“Thank you for another excellent piece of work. I wish I had had access to such quality advice fifty years ago when I first started out in photography: just think how good my images would be now!” – Gordon

“I have just downloaded your ebook Mastering Composition – Brilliant!” – George

“I love your ebooks and have become a much better photographer thanks to you.” – Hugh

Mastering Photography ebook bundle

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