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Lightroom Lesson 2
Lightroom Lesson 3

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Mastering Lightroom Lesson One
  • What is Lightroom and what does it do?
  • Lightroom as a workflow tool.
  • The Catalog and its role as the heart of Lightroom.
  • The advantages of using Lightroom to organize, search and develop your photos.
Lightroom Lesson 2
  • What is Lightroom Classic CC?
  • The differences between Lightroom 6, Lightroom CC (2015), Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC.
  • Which version of Lightroom should you buy?
  • What happens when your Lightroom CC subscription ends?
Lightroom Lesson 3
  • How to backup the Lightroom Catalog.
  • How to backup your photos.
  • The advantages of retouching portraits in Lightroom.
  • The benefits of a Smart Preview based workflow.
  • How to work faster with Develop Presets.
Lightroom Lesson 4
  • How to import photos into Lightroom.
  • Where Lightroom saves your photos.
  • Learn what all the options in the Import window do.
  • Why some photographers convert their Raw files to DNG.
Lightroom Lesson 5
  • Why using Smart Previews makes the Develop module faster.
  • The most important setting in the Develop module.
  • Learn how to use local adjustments wisely.
  • Why you should use Clarity in moderation.

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