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Lightroom Lesson 1
Lightroom Lesson 2
Lightroom Lesson 3

Are you new to Lightroom? Would you like to learn more about how Lightroom works? Get started on your Lightroom journey now and sign up for my free Lightroom email course.

* Covers Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom CC (2015) and Lightroom Classic CC.

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* This course is interactive – reply and ask me anything you like about Lightroom.

Mastering Lightroom Lesson One
  • What is Lightroom and what does it do?
  • Lightroom as a workflow tool.
  • The Catalog and its role as the heart of Lightroom.
  • The advantages of using Lightroom to organize, search and develop your photos.
Lightroom Lesson 2
  • What is Lightroom Classic CC?
  • The differences between Lightroom 6, Lightroom CC (2015), Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC.
  • Which version of Lightroom should you buy?
  • What happens when your Lightroom CC subscription ends?
Lightroom Lesson 3
  • How to backup the Lightroom Catalog.
  • How to backup your photos.
  • The advantages of retouching portraits in Lightroom.
  • The benefits of a Smart Preview based workflow.
  • How to work faster with Develop Presets.
Lightroom Lesson 4
  • How to import photos into Lightroom.
  • Where Lightroom saves your photos.
  • Learn what all the options in the Import window do.
  • Why some photographers convert their Raw files to DNG.
Lightroom Lesson 5
  • Why using Smart Previews makes the Develop module faster.
  • The most important setting in the Develop module.
  • Learn how to use local adjustments wisely.
  • Why you should use Clarity in moderation.

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