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The Mastering Lightroom Classic bundle

Special offer: To celebrate the publication of Mastering Lightroom Classic: Book Four – Black & White I’ve discounted all my Lightroom Classic ebook bundles so you can get a bargain. The prices return to normal on October 1, 2021.

This bundle contains four ebooks that I wrote to help you master Lightroom Classic. They’re the books I wish that I’d had when I first learned to use Lightroom Classic. That’s why they’re not just comprehensive – they show you a complete Lightroom Classic workflow from import through to developing your photos.

Did I say comprehensive? Altogether there’s more than 940 pages of easy to follow, clearly written instructions. Each ebook is beautifully designed and thoughtfully written to help you learn how to use Lightroom Classic better. They’re available for immediate download as a PDF file optimized for viewing on your computer screen, iPad or other tablet.

** Fully updated for the August 2021 Lightroom Classic 10.4 release **

These are the ebooks included with your bundle:

Mastering Lightroom Classic: Book One – The Library ModuleMastering Lightroom Classic: Book One – The Library Module

Learn how to use the Library Module to import, organize and search your images. Streamline your workflow so you can use Lightroom Classic more efficiently and get your work done faster.

Mastering Lightroom Classic: Book Two – The Develop ModuleMastering Lightroom Classic: Book Two – The Develop Module

Discover how to use the tools in the Develop module to get the most out of your Raw files. You’ll be amazed how easy Lightroom Classic is to use and just how much it speeds up your workflow.

Mastering Lightroom Classic: Book Three – The Other ModulesMastering Lightroom Classic: Book Three – The Other Modules

This ebook shows you how to use Lightroom Classic’s powerful features to create fun and interesting projects using the Map, Book, Slide show, Print and Web modules.

Mastering Lightroom Classic ebook

Mastering Lightroom Classic: Book Four – Black & White (new)

Learn how to create beautiful black and white photos in Lightroom Classic. Covers popular plugins like Silver Efex Pro, ON1 Photo Raw and Exposure X. 

Bonus material

As well as four ebooks you also get the following bonus material. These are included with every bundle on this page.

Bonus #1: Free lifetime updates *

That’s right. As Adobe adds new features I’ll update the book and send you an email with a new download link. Stay updated without paying a single cent more.

Bonus #2: The 15 step Lightroom Classic workflow

Do you get stuck when trying to decide which order to use the Develop module’s tools in? You’re not alone – which is why I’ve created the 15 step Lightroom Classic workflow. Simply follow the 15 steps to develop your photos as quickly, creatively and efficiently.

Reading about the 15 step Lightroom Classic workflow isn’t much help if you can’t remember it, so we’ve included a printable PDF checklist. Print it out, keep it near your computer and nail your workflow every time!

15 step Lightroom Classic workflow checklist

Bonus #3: Free Creative Fade Develop Presets for Lightroom Classic

Do you want to use with Develop Presets but don’t know where to start? The free Creative Fade Presets will get you started! Comes with a free PDF guide that shows you how to install and use the presets. This preset pack is included with your purchase.

Creative Fade Develop Presets for Lightroom Classic

Bonus #4: 10 free Print module templates

To help get you started in the Print module your purchase comes with 10 free print module templates in both US letter and A4 formats. Plus you’ll learn where you can download more free Print module templates.

Lightroom Classic Print module templates

Bonus #5: Free calendar graphics

Did you know you can use the Print module to make your own calendars? I’ve provided free 2021 Sunday first and Monday first templates for you to use. The PSD files are included so you can change fonts and colors.

Lightroom Classic Print module calendar graphics

Other Lightroom Classic bundles

Save more money by buying Mastering Lightroom Classic: Book One – The Library Module, Mastering Lightroom: Book Two – The Develop Module, Mastering Lightroom: Book Three – The Other Modules, Mastering Lightroom Classic: Book Four – Black & White and Lightroom Secrets Course Notes together for just $58.

Mastering Lightroom Classic ebook bundle

The Ultimate Lightroom Classic bundle

Or buy my Ultimate Lightroom Classic bundle for just $99. This bundle includes my three premium preset packs as well as my five Lightroom Classic ebooks.

Ultimate Mastering Lightroom Classic bundle

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The Guarantee

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What others are saying

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the things people have said about our photography ebooks.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your book. I bought it this morning and have been reading all day. I am an experienced Lightroom user and have been using it since day one. I have purchased several video training courses and countless books/ebooks.

Your book is by far the best that I have read. No kidding, you explained some of the stuff on 2012 Process and exposure that I could never keep straight. The chart on shadows/blacks/whites/highlights and where they kick in is priceless. Really great.” – Jim

“Just wanted to say thanks for your extremely helpful books – particularly the Mastering Lightroom series. They’re a great starting point in creating a workflow which is far better than just a ‘this is how it works’ sort of guide. It’s been eye-opening and useful, even for a rank amateur home hobbyist.” – Nancy

“I found Mastering Lightroom Book Two amazing… I sat at the computer going from your book to Lightroom, practicing each part in the process. Your book made it so easy to understand each part!

I will be recommending your books without hesitation.” – Pearl

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  1. Our shopping cart software provider SendOwl doesn’t go out of business.
  2. Adobe keeps updating Lightroom Classic.
  3. You buy the ebooks from our website, and not as part of a third-party bundle.
  4. The author is alive and healthy. 🙂