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Mastering Exposure

My new ebook, Mastering Exposure, is published today.

Have you ever wondered why your digital camera has so many exposure modes, and what each one does? Or why it’s so easy to under- or overexpose your photos even with the latest cameras and most advanced evaluative or matrix metering modes?

The book explains the principles of exposure so that you understand why your camera doesn’t always get the exposure right (and just how do you define correct exposure anyway?). Your camera’s meter works according to simple principles, and once you understand those you will know why your camera often gets exposure wrong, and what you can do to put it right.

Mastering Exposure ebook inside pages

The overriding principle behind Mastering Exposure is that your camera isn’t smart enough to get exposure right every time, and that it’s up to the photographer to step in and override the camera’s suggested exposure settings.

This book gives you the tools you need to get the perfect exposure every time. You’ll be walked through both basic and advanced principles of exposure and shown how to arrive at the optimum settings in any situation. The ebook explores advanced concepts in simple terms and illustrate them with diagrams, tables and photos so that you can understand why your camera’s meter gets exposure wrong and how to put it right.

By the time you’ve finished Mastering Exposure you’ll have the knowledge you need to get the correct exposure every time you take a photo.

Mastering Exposure ebook inside pages

What you will learn

  • Why exposure is an important building block of photographic technique.
  • How underexposing or overexposing your images adversely affects the quality of your photos.
  • Why exposure for digital cameras is different than for film.
  • How to use your camera’s luminance and color histograms to see if the exposure is correct.
  • The differences between evaluative, matrix, spot, partial and centre-weighted metering.
  • Why your digital camera often gets exposure wrong, and what you can do to fix it.
  • When to use manual mode, and what the benefits are.
  • How to use exposure compensation.
  • Why the optimum exposure differs depending on whether you use Raw or JPEG.
  • How to expose to the right and why it improves image quality.
  • How to handle high contrast lighting conditions without resorting to HDR.
  • How exposure works in Live View.
  • How exposure works on mirrorless cameras.

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