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The Mastering Composition ebook is for photographers who want to learn to see and create better composed photos.

After the camera the photographer’s most important tool is the eye for a photo. We all want to create, powerful, dramatic and impactful images. But we can’t get there without an understanding of the fundamentals of composition.

Mastering Composition takes you on a journey beyond the rule of thirds and explores all the principles of composition you need to understand in order to create beautifully designed and emotive photos.

First, you need to understand how your camera and lens see the subject. Then you need to learn how to see the subject in abstract terms – as a series of lines, shapes, tones, patterns and colours. Finally, you need to be able to see and exploit the visual relationships between these elements.

This ebook shows you how. It’s presented in 20 easy to digest lessons and includes two case studies with renown photographers Betina La Plante and Michael Diblicek.

Mastering Composition: A Photographer’s Guide to Seeing is written for you.

  • It explores the principles of composition that master photographers and artists have used for centuries to create beautiful images.
  • It’s easy to read. The pages are laid out and beautifully illustrated, making it easier for you to learn.
  • It’s very practical. You can treat each chapter as a creative exercise and go out and put it into practice.
  • It has depth and will become an invaluable reference guide you’ll return to again and again as your understanding of composition deepens.

Mastering Composition ebook

What you will learn

  • Why you can’t rely on the rule of thirds to create powerfully composed photos.
  • How learning to see in black and white will make you a better photographer.
  • How to create the illusion of depth in your images.
  • How to use juxtaposition and contrast to add interest to your photos.
  • How gestalt theory and the principles of visual weight work together.
  • Why simplification is the key to creating stronger images (and becoming a better photographer).
  • How to use tonal contrast as the basis for successful composition.
  • How the focal length of the lens you use affects composition.
  • How to use line to make your photos stronger.
  • Why the human element is such an important part of successful composition.
  • How to capture gesture and moment.

Mastering Composition ebook

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What others are saying

“You have really opened my eyes as to the artistry and creativity that awaits those who study and understand composition. I can truly say that I did not understand the craft until now.” – Keith

“Thank you for another excellent piece of work. I wish I had had access to such quality advice fifty years ago when I first started out in photography: just think how good my images would be now!” – Gordon

“I have just downloaded your ebook Mastering Composition – Brilliant!” – George

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Sample pages

Here are some sample pages from the book.

Mastering Composition ebook

 Mastering Composition ebook

Mastering Composition ebook

Mastering Composition ebook

Mastering Composition ebook


Mastering Composition ebook

Title: Mastering Composition: A Photographer’s Guide to Seeing

Length: 147 double page spreads

Words: approx 28,000

Format: PDF. You can view Mastering Composition using free Adobe reader software on any PC or tablet. You can also read Mastering Composition on the iPad using iBooks – it has been optimised for iPad viewing.



1. Look Beyond the Rule of Thirds
2. Seeing Tonal Contrast
3. Learn to See in Black & White
4. Look for Shapes Everywhere
5. The Power of Line
6. The Illusion of Depth
7. Rhythm, Pattern and Repetition
8. Juxtaposition and Contrast
9. Dimension and Scale
10. The Human Element

Case Study: Betina La Plante

11. Gesture and Moment
12. The Language of Lenses
13. Simplify
14. Gestalt Theory
15. Visual Weight
16. Balance and Symmetry
17. The Importance of Backgrounds
18. Learning from Long Exposure Photography

Case Study: Micael Diblicek

19. The Photographer’s Intent
20. How to Learn More About Composition