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Many photographers are under the impression that you need to use Photoshop to develop your black and white landscape photos. This is not true. Lightroom is powerful and efficient and gives you all the tools you need.

The Lightroom Landscape ebook shows you how to develop your black and white landscape photos in Lightroom. It builds on the lessons learnt in The Black & White Landscape and shows you how to use some of Lightroom’s more advanced features to process your images. It contains six Case Studies, with a detailed explanation of how I developed each photo from start to finish. But just as importantly it also explains why, exploring my thought processes from the time I took the photo through to the finished image.

By the time you finish this ebook you’ll come to appreciate Lightroom for the powerful yet easy to use application it is, and be ready to move up to the next level when developing your black and white landscapes.

The Lightroom Landscape is written for you.

  • It explains how to use the Develop module in simple language anyone can understand.
  • It’s easy to read. The pages are laid out and beautifully illustrated, making it easier for you to learn.
  • It has depth and will become an invaluable reference guide as you learn to get the most out of Lightroom.
  • It is practical and shows you how to marry technique with creativity to make the most out of your Raw files.
  • It covers Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC, and let’s you know what the alternatives are if you own Lightroom 4 or Lightroom 5 and it covers a tool those versions don’t have.

The Lightroom Landscape ebook

What you will learn

  • How to analyze a Raw photo and decide what you would like to do with it during the developing process.
  • How to use local adjustments to make your black and white landscapes more powerful.
  • What the ideal workflow for working in black and white in Lightroom is.
  • How to work with Virtual Copies in Lightroom.
  • How to emphasize texture to make your black and white landscapes stronger.
  • How to use Lightroom’s Merge to Panorama and Merge to HDR tools.
  • How to use Silver Efex Pro 2, the best free black and white plugin there is.
  • How to develop black and white photos taken with an infrared converted camera.

The Lightroom Landscape ebook

Note: This ebook assumes that you are already familiar with the basics of Lightroom. If you are completely new to Lightroom’s Develop module, then please buy Mastering Lightroom: Book Two – The Develop Module first.

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Sample pages

Here are some sample pages from the book.

The Lightroom Landscape ebook

The Lightroom Landscape ebook

The Lightroom Landscape ebook

The Lightroom Landscape ebook

The Lightroom Landscape ebook

The Lightroom Landscape ebook

The Lightroom Landscape ebook

Title: The Lightroom Landscape

Length: 99 double page spreads

Words: approx 13,000

Format: PDF. You can view The Lightroom Landscape using free Adobe reader software on any PC or tablet. You can also read it on the iPad using iBooks – it’s optimized for iPad viewing.



Case Study One: Sheepstor, Dartmoor, England
Case Study Two: Playa de Illa, Galicia, Spain
Case Study Three: Playa de Buelna, Asturias, Spain
Case Study Four: Playa de Buelna, Asturias, Spain in Silver Efex Pro 2
Case Study Five: Ocuri Roman Ruins, Andalucia, Spain
Case Study Six: Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk, England