Tips and techniques for buying and using camera lenses.

Using camera lenses


How Focal Length and Aperture Affect Composition
Why You Should Buy a Standard Lens For Your Camera
How to buy and use vintage lenses
How to improve your photography by using only two lenses
Are primes or zooms the best street photography lenses?
How to use a wide-angle lens for street & travel photography
How To Pick The Best Camera Lens For Any Situation
How To Get Up Close With Close-Up Lenses
What's the Best Lens for Family Portraits?
How To Get Up-Close With Extension Tubes

Buying camera lenses


Fujinon lenses I own
Canon lenses I have owned
How To Protect Your Cameras And Lenses From Theft And Register With Lenstag
My Best 10 Lens Buying Tips For Photographers

Lenses and autofocus


How to focus at wide apertures
Phase detection vs. contrast detection autofocus

Recommended lenses ebooks


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