Faded Glory Presets for Lightroom


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The Faded Glory Lightroom Presets grew from the idea that desaturated colors have their own beauty that’s often under-utilized and under-appreciated by photographers.

Photographers who use film know that as the ISO goes up, color saturation decreases. The result is that you get photos with desaturated colors and lots of grain. I also took inspiration from the Fujifilm Classic Chrome color profile, which uses muted colors to reproduce the feel of documentary style photos.

The Faded Glory Lightroom Presets bring these ideas together. Made with creative photographers in mind, they give you 30 different faded looks you can apply to your photos with a single mouse-click.

They work in Lightroom 4, 5, 6, Lightroom CC (2015) and Lightroom Classic CC, with both JPEG and Raw files.

Faded Glory Lightroom Presets

What you will learn

  • How to install the Faded Glory Presets in Lightroom.
  • How to use the Faded Glory Presets to create beautiful, faded photos.
  • How to adapt the Faded Glory Presets to your own style.
  • How to use Virtual Copies and Snapshots to make more than one version of a photo.
  • When to use local adjustments to apply Clarity intelligently to your photos.
  • How to emulate high ISO film by adding grain to your photos.

Faded Glory Lightroom Presets

The idea behind the Faded Glory Presets is to provide you with a set of presets that help you create natural faded photos in Lightroom. They are also an educational tool – as you learn to use them your confidence in Lightroom will grow and you’ll learn how to take control of Lightroom’s sliders to make your photos better.

What’s included:

  • 30 Faded Glory presets.
  • 7 grain presets.
  • 4 reset presets.
  • 6 Clarity control presets.
  • 20 page PDF guide to using the Vintage Portrait Presets.

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Don’t forget these Lightroom Develop Presets work in Lightroom 4, 5, 6, Lightroom CC (2015) and Lightroom Classic CC, with both JPEG and Raw files.

The Guarantee

I’m so confident that my Lightroom Presets will help improve your photography that I give you an unconditional guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your purchase just let me know within two months and I’ll refund the purchase price in full, no questions asked.

Faded Glory Presets tutorial

Click here to learn how to develop photos in Lightroom using the Faded Glory Presets

Before and after

Here are some examples showing what you can do with the Vintage Portrait Presets.


Preset Bundles

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