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Exposure is an important skill that every photographer needs to learn. Our exposure tutorials help you with both basic and advanced exposure techniques.

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These are some of our most popular exposure tutorials.

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Mastering Exposure ebook

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to under- or overexpose your photos even with the latest digital camera and most advanced metering modes? Or why your camera has so many exposure modes, and what each one does?

Mastering Exposure explains the principles of exposure so that you understand why your camera doesn’t always get the exposure right and when you, the photographer, has to step in and override the camera’s settings.

Your digital camera has many advanced tools to help you get exposure spot on. This ebook shows you how to use them and gives you practical steps to take to cope with any lighting situation.

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Mastering Exposure ebook

The Creative Image

The Creative Image

Make 2022 your most creative year yet! My new course The Creative Image is now open for enrollment for a limited time. Click the link to learn more.