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​​Are you struggling to get good exposures in your photos? Our 5 Steps to Better ​Exposure course ​​shows you how to get good exposures all the time. ​

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Free exposure course
  • Wh​y does your camera get exposure wrong?
  • Why your camera has so many exposure modes, and which ones you should use.
  • What is 18% gray and why it's important in exposure.
  • The four types of subject that give your camera problems with exposure.
Free exposure course
  • ​​Why the luminance histogram is the most accurate way to check a photo's exposure.
  • How underexposure affects image quality.
  • How to read a histogram and understand what it's telling you.
Free exposure course
  • ​Why​ your camera has so many metering modes.
  • How metering modes and exposure modes work together.
  • W​hich metering mode to use, and why.
Free exposure course
  • How to get creative with depth of field.
  • How to use Aperture Priority mode to control depth of field.
  • How Aperture Priority and Exposure Compensation work together.
Free exposure course
  • ​How to use fast shutter speeds to freeze the action or prevent camera shake.
  • ​How to ​get super creative with slow shutter speeds​.
  • ​How to take control of shutter speed with ​Shutter Priority mode.

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