Composition tutorials

Good composition is one of the elements that elevates the work of the best photographers above the rest. These tutorials will help you master the art of composition in photography.

Popular composition tutorials

These are some of our most popular composition tutorials. We’ve broken them down into topics for you. First, the rules.

The rules of photographic composition

Composition tips

Composition and color

Advanced composition techniques

Light and composition

Composition ebooks

Our photography ebooks are beautifully designed and thoughtfully written with the intention of helping you create better images and explore the wonderful craft of photography. They’re also great value. Each ebook is available for immediate download as a PDF file optimised for viewing on your computer screen or an iPad.

Learn more about photographic composition and learning to see with our composition ebooks. Click the links to learn more about each one.

Mastering Composition Book One ebook

Mastering Composition takes you on a journey beyond the rule of thirds and explores all the principles of composition you need to understand in order to create beautifully designed and emotive photos.

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Mastering Composition Book One ebook

Mastering Composition Book Two ebook

Mastering Composition Book Two is for photographers who want to move beyond the so called rules and learn the deeper principles of composition.

It builds on the lessons learned in Mastering Composition and gives you the tools you need to compose dramatic photos that capture mood and atmosphere.

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Mastering Composition Book Two ebook

Square ebook

Square explores the square format from the digital photographer’s perspective. It shows you how to use the square format on your camera, and how to make the most out of what I think of as the fine art photographer’s format.

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Square ebook

100 Composition Assignments

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