Free composition PhotoTips Cards


Welcome to the free Composition PhotoTips Cards downloads page for newsletter subscribers.

Click the green button to download your free copy of the Composition PhotoTips Cards. Please note the system will ask you for an email address as this is the easiest way to manage a large number of downloads.

The cards come in a compressed .zip file that you can save to your computer, so please be aware of this if you are trying to download them to a mobile device.

Each card comes in two sizes. The large size is for viewing on a computer or tablet, and the small size is for smartphones. You can transfer them from your computer to a mobile device using DropBox (or AirDrop if you have a Mac and an iPhone or iPad).

By the way, did you know that we have more than 20 composition tutorials that you can read? It’s true – just click the link to go and see what you can learn today. 🙂


100 Composition Assignments

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