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The Black & White Landscape ebook is written for everybody who wants to learn to take better black and white landscape photos.

Landscape photography is a specialized area, with specific gear requirements. Every month photographers ask me questions like:

  • Do I need a full-frame camera for landscape photography?
  • What lenses should I buy?
  • What filters do I need?
  • What tripod should I buy?

This ebook answers them all.

Just as importantly, The Black & White Landscape goes into the creative and technical aspects of landscape photography. It’s no good owning expensive gear if you don’t know how to use it. This ebook tackles that by explaining the techniques you need to take good quality monochrome landscapes, while encouraging you to make the process as simple as possible. Advanced topics like long exposure photography and infrared photography are covered in depth.

Then we start learning about the things that elevate the work of the best photographers above the rest – an instinctive understanding of composition and lighting. Composition in black and white is different – there is no color to fall back on, instead the photographer has to learn to see and put to use elements like line, texture, tonal contrast and negative space. All these are discussed, along with an explanation of why the rule of thirds is the very last principle you should use to guide your composition.

The Black & White Landscape is written for you.

  • Find out which cameras, lenses, tripods and filters you need for landscape photography. No more wasting money on accessories you don’t need!
  • Master the technical side of landscape photography, so you can take control of your camera in order to create beautiful monochrome images.
  • Learn how to create more beautiful landscape photos as you gain a deeper understanding of the creative aspects of landscape photography such as composition and lighting.
  • Explore advanced techniques like infrared and long exposure photography and take your landscape photography to the next level.
  • Enjoy two case studies with talented photographers Rob Dweck and Cole Thompson.

The Black & White Landscape

What you will learn.

  • What makes a good black and white landscape photo.
  • What cameras and are best for landscape photography.
  • How to buy a good tripod.
  • Which filters you need for landscape photography.
  • How to choose the neutral density and graduated neutral density filters that you need.
  • The key elements of composition in the black and white landscape.
  • How to use Smartphone cameras for black and white landscape photography.
  • How to cope with rapidly changing lighting conditions and obtain the best exposure.
  • How to use graduated neutral density filters, exposure blending and HDR techniques to cope with high contrast scenes.
  • How to find and use the hyperfocal distance.
  • Why light is so important in landscape photography, and how to harness the power of dramatic light.
  • How to use the relationship between people and the landscape to make stronger images.
  • How to use slow shutter speeds to create moody landscape photos.
  • How to use intentional camera movement and panning techniques to create impressionistic landscape photos.
  • How to do long exposure photography.
  • The secrets of infrared photography.
  • How to convert a camera to infrared.
  • How to create original images in much photographed locations.

Black & white landscape ebook

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Sample pages

Here are some sample pages from the book.

The Black & White Landscape ebook

The Black & White Landscape ebook

The Black & White Landscape ebook

The Black & White Landscape ebook

The Black & White Landscape ebook

The Black & White Landscape ebook

The Black & White Landscape ebook

Title: The Black & White Landscape

Length: 151 double page spreads

Words: approx 39,000

Format: PDF. You can view The Black & White Landscape using free Adobe reader software on any PC or tablet. You can also read it on the iPad using iBooks – it’s optimized for iPad viewing.



1. Landscape photography and gear
2. Composition and the black & white landscape
3. Smartphone cameras and the landscape
4. Exposure and landscape photography
5. The drama of light
6. People in the landscape
7. Going slow
8. The surreal landscape – long exposure photography

Case study: Rob Dweck

9. The infrared landscape
10. The intimate landscape

Case study: Cole Thompson


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