5DayDeal 2017 Complete Photography Bundle

5DayDeal 2017 Complete Photography Bundle

Does the chance to buy over $2700 of photography education products for just $117 sound tempting? It’s all part of the 5DayDeal 2017 Complete Photography Bundle.

The bundle includes some fantastic photography ebooks, video courses and Lightroom Develop Presets made by photographers most of you will be familiar with. Including David duChemin, Jimmy McIntyre, Trey Ratcliffe, Piet Van den Eynde, Joel Grimes and more.

The full list of included products is below (scroll down to the bottom), and of course you can just click straight through to the 5DayDeal website to see for yourselves.

The bundle includes my new preset Collections SuperBlack and Faded Glory, plus several of my ebooks (these would cost you $97 alone if you bought them at full-price from my website).

SuperBlack and Faded Glory Lightroom Presets

In total there are over 28 contributing photographers, with a total of 39 products that normally sell for over $2700. The entire bundle is available for five days only, starting today, for just $US117.

Some of you would have bought one or more of the past 5DayDeal photography bundles. If so, you know what great value it is! You’ll be glad to hear that the products in this one are completely different. None of them have appeared in this or any other photography bundle.

One of the reasons I support the 5DayDeal is because it represents something bigger than photography education. Ten percent of each purchase is donated to one of four charities. Since the first 5DayDeal in 2014 over a million dollars has been raised for worthy charities. That’s something to take pride in being part of.

This deal really does last for five days only. You have until October 18 at noon PDT to buy the bundle, after that it will be gone forever.

Plus, if you buy the 5DayDeal 2017 Complete Photography Bundle after clicking the links in this article, I’ll send you a copy of my next ebook (the topic is composition) for free. But ONLY if you buy after clicking the link in my newsletters, as that’s the only way we can track it.

Note: This week, my new preset collections Faded Glory and SuperBlack are only available as part of the 5DayDeal. For those of you who not interested in the bundle, the ebooks will be published on my website at the end of October.


5DayDeal 2017 Complete Photography Bundle



There are a LOT of products in the 5DayDeal 2017 Complete Photography Bundle and it can be confusing trying to work out which ones are most useful to you. So I’ve put together this guide to help you find your way around the bundle. If you haven’t bought the bundle yet, just click on the big orange button to go straight to the 5DayDeal website and check out the details.

I’ve included the full cost of each resource so you can see how much money you’re saving with the 5DayDeal bundle. Remember: The total price of all these resources comes to over $2700 – and you can buy them for just $117 for these five days only. Congratulations to those of you who have already done so, it’s a great deal.

Note: Some of the resources are listed twice because they fit under more than one category.


If you’d like to learn more about Lightroom….

Then start with the After The Camera video course by David duChemin ($100).

Then look at the Import Through Export Lightroom Workflow video course by Cole Joseph ($99).

Read my ebook The Lightroom Landscape ($14).

And check out these Lightroom Develop Preset Packs:

  • Rocket Rooster Analog Film Presets ($100)
  • B&W Develop Presets from Piet van den Eynde ($20)
  • Vintage Portrait Presets (these are mine) ($19)
  • Faded Glory Presets (so are these) ($19)
  • SuperBlack Presets (and these) ($19)
  • Digital Photo Mentor Lightroom Presets Bundle ($29)
  • Street Photographer’s Lightroom Presets by Richard Schneider ($79)


If you’d like to learn more about Photoshop…

Then work your way through these video courses:

  • Art of Photography by Jimmy McIntyre ($70)
  • Photoshop for Photographers by Serge Ramelli ($147)
  • Creative Photo Editing by Klaus Herrmann ($99)
  • Photoshop Workflow by Kelvin Pimont ($97)
  • Dodging & Burning in Photoshop by Christopher O’Donnel ($119)
  • Dodging & Burning Essentials by Blake Rudis ($29)
  • Photoshop Foundations – Gradients by Blake Rudis ($29)
  • Trey Radcliffe HDR Tutorial ($99)

And try out the Artistry 2 Actions for Photoshop by Photography BB ($125)


If you’d like to learn more about photography in general…

Then read these ebooks:

  • Mastering Exposure (yes, this is mine) ($14)
  • The Creative Photographer (so is this) ($14)
  • Essential Guide to Black and White Photography by David Nightingale ($19)
  • Snapnfood ($10)
  • Snapnpaws ($10)
  • Snapntravel ($10)

Then move on to these video courses:

  • Macro Look at Macro Photography by Blake Rudis ($29)
  • Magic Behind Advertising Photography by Alex Koloskov ($145)


If you’d like to learn more about landscape photography…

Read my ebook The Lightroom Landscape.

Read the Landscape Recipe Cards by Brent Mail – an ebook with Lightroom Develop Presets. ($79)

View these video courses:

  • Landscape with Steven Hanna ($69)
  • Long Exposure Workflow with ND Filters by Blake Rudis ($29)
  • Art of Landscape Photography by Edin Chavez ($125)
  • Art of Photography by Jimmy McIntyre ($70)

If you’d like to learn more about photographing people…

Read these ebooks:

  • LIT: Lighting Secrets of the World’s Best Wedding Photographers by Mark Condon ($48)
  • Relationship Posing Guide by Sarah Petty ($139)
  • Feminine Portraiture Posing Guide by Amanda Diaz (comes with overlays and Photoshop actions) ($135)

Then have a go at these video courses:

  • Model Flow & Pose by Brent Mail (comes with a PDF posing guide) ($47)
  • Photographing the Average Joe by Jeff Rojas (comes with a PDF posing guide) ($150)
  • Portrait Photography on Location by Joel Grimes
  • Advertising Lifestyle Portrait by Joel Grimes ($128 for both Joel Grimes tutorials)

Try out the Force of Nature bundle and Endless Winter actions, brushes and overlays for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements by Jessica Dronin ($99).

For pros, the Sell Frames! Best Selling Galleries by Design Aglow will come in useful ($99).

If you have any questions about any of these then please get in touch at andrew [at] creative-photographer.com. 🙂



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