5 Steps to Better Composition

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Would you like to ​improve your composition skills and make better photos? Get started on our journey with our 5 Steps to Better Composition ebook. ​

Better composition ebook

What you get

  • A 37 page beautifully designed PDF ebook to read on your computer or tablet.
  • ePub and Mobi versions to read on tablets and smartphones.
  • 5 Composition PhotoTips cards that sum up the lessons. They come in two versions: larger cards for printing or reading on a tablet, and smaller ones for reading on a smartphone.

Better composition phototips cards

What you will learn

  • What is ​the rule of thirds and why is it so popular?
  • Does the rule of thirds really work, or is there something else going on?
  • How ​to move beyond the rule of thirds to improve your photography skills.
  • How simplifying composition helps you make better photos.
  • Learn how to analyze the scene to understand how you can simplify the composition.
  • How to apply simplicity to landscapes, portraits and travel photos.
  • Why backgrounds are so important in composition.
  • When to use wide apertures to blur the background.
  • The benefits of sharp backgrounds.
  • Why color is such an important part of composition.
  • How the color wheel works.
  • How to use limited color palettes in composition.
  • Why complementary color combinations are so powerful.
  • The ​photography triangle.
  • Why you need to take responsibility for the quality of your photos.
  • How light, color, subject and composition come together.
  • How to find beautiful light for your photos.

Better composition ebook

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