Learn how to create beautiful images in Lightroom with these tips and tutorials.

Lightroom basics


The Single Most Important Setting in the Lightroom Develop Module
The Ultimate Guide to Using Smart Previews in Lightroom
How to Organize Photos For Lightroom
The Lightroom Reference View
What is the Lightroom Catalog?
How to Organize Your Photos With Lightroom Collections
The Lightroom Reference View
14 Hidden Lightroom Shortcuts
The Ultimate Guide to Renaming Photos in Lightroom
Why Bit Depth Matters
How to Make Lightroom Run Faster

Lightroom Develop module tutorials


How to Develop Portraits in Lightroom With the Vintage Portrait Presets
How to Create the Black & White Matte Look in Lightroom
Introducing the Lightroom Rapid Editing System
Is Luminar the Ultimate Lightroom Plugin for Landscape Photographers?
Portrait Retouching in Lightroom with Sleeklens Develop Presets
Speed Up Your Lightroom Workflow With the Excessor Plug-In
How to Emulate Instagram Filters in Lightroom
The Single Most Important Setting in the Lightroom Develop Module
Create Better B&W Portraits With UltraBlack Lightroom Develop Presets

Lightroom workflow


My Lightroom Workflow (Graham Hunt, Photojournalist)
My Lightroom Workflow (A Professional Portrait Photographer’s Perspective)

Lightroom mobile


Seven Ways to Use Lightroom Mobile
How to Post Photos to Instagram From Lightroom Using Lightroom Mobile

Other Lightroom tutorials


How to Upload Photos to Instagram With the LR/Instagram Plugin

Recommended Lightroom ebooks and Lightroom Develop Presets


Vintage Portrait Presets
Mastering Lightroom Book One: The Library Module
Mastering Lightroom Book Two: The Develop Module
Mastering Lightroom Book Three: Black and White
Mastering Lightroom Book Four: The Photos
Mastering Lightroom Book Five: The Develop Module
The Lightroom Landscape ebook
Exposure Lesson 5 How to Read a Camera Histogram
Exposure Lesson 6 Exposing to the Right