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Instagram has turned into the number one photo sharing site for photographers. There’s something addictive about the way it displays photos and encourages you to click through and discover more beautiful images.

But Instagram is more than just a photo sharing website. It’s become a way for publishers, influencers and photographers to connect. On a professional level, it may help introduce your work to future clients. On a personal level, it can help you meet and connect with other like-minded photographers.

Of course, that means that The Creative Photographer needs it’s own Instagram account, and I’ve created one you can go follow at @_creativephotographer.

It’s more than a place to see pretty photos – it’s also going to be an Instagram hub.

If you use the hashtag #_creativephotographer when posting your photos to Instagram I will see them. I’ll pick the best ones to share on @_creativephotographer and may even feature them in future articles.

It’s a great way to get your photos seen by other photographers, and connect with other readers of this website.

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About Andrew S. Gibson

Andrew S. Gibson is a writer, publisher, traveler and photographer based in the UK. He started writing about photography while traveling in Bolivia, and has been published in many prestigious photography magazines including EOS magazine, where he worked as a Writer and Technical Editor for two years. He currently writes for The Creative Photographer, Digital Photography School and Craft & Vision. He is inspired by meeting new people, seeing new places and having new experiences.

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